Are you interested in having a display installed at WUSM? This form is designed to request artwork/visual displays on the WUSM campus. Below are the criteria and guidelines for the Requests.

Criteria For Selection:

  • The message/ intention of the proposed display shall be acceptable to current missions, standards, policies, and proper branding of the WUSM campus.
  • The proposed display should have relative uniqueness, including factors or originality and authenticity.
  • The proposed display should honor university ethics with an effort to integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) on campus.
  • The proposed display should preserve or acknowledge history, heritage, and culture.
  • The display enhances the physical and aesthetic environment of the university.
  • The proposed visual display should not impose unexpected or unsupportable burdens on the campus, such as the frequent need for maintenance and repair or unreasonable security costs.
  • Proposals should include a funding source for the visual installation’s purchase, installation, and maintenance.

The Visual Diversity Advisory Committee will review all proposals. The advisory committee aims to operate on a timely and responsive basis relative to University units, donors, and others. The Visual Diversity Advisory Committee will take the recommended proposals from the review to the Dean for approval. The proposals are sent to OFMD and DE&I for project initiation upon the Dean’s approval.