McMillan Hospital-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 9/29/2022

OFMD will shut down the supply air handling unit, AHU-5, to perform an inspection of the unit in preparation for upcoming maintenance and upgrades to the unit. The supply air unit serves portions of the 10th and 11th floors including the 1103 BSL3 suite. The supply air unit will be off intermittently on Thursday, September […]

1234 S. Kingshighway-Fire Alarm Service Interruption 10/17/2022

Due to the integration of the Alertus Mass Notification System with the Fire Alarm System in 1234 S. Kingshighway, testing of the equipment will be done on Monday, October 17th 7:30 am – 3:30 pm. During this testing you will hear brief messages over the fire alarm system. Please ignore those messages, you do not […]

East Imaging Center-Steam Service Interruption 10/10/2022

On Monday, October 10th from 3 am to 8 am there will be a building wide steam outage this will affect heating to the building and anything else that needs steam to operate in order to make necessary repairs to steam equipment.

CSRB North Tower Addition-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 9/30/2022

To conduct testing on the HVAC system there will be intermittent loss of supply and exhaust flow to the 1st and 2nd floors don Friday, September 30 5:00 am – 6:30 am. During this time facilities does not anticipate any large fluctuation in space temperature, however, temperatures will be monitored and testing will be halt […]

Farrell Learning & Teaching Center, Bernard Becker Medical Library, Olin Residence Hall, North Medical Building, Cancer Research Building, South Medical Building, McDonnell Medical Sciences Building-Electric Service Interruption 10/23/2022

This will be the first of two outages required to perform this work. The second outage will be on October 30th. The purpose of this outage is to perform maintenance and testing on the 5KV distribution switchgear, on the MCD-Dock. This requires completely de-energizing the whole line-up, so that we can safely and effectively perform […]