East McDonnell Facility-Steam Service Interruption 5/31-6/1/2024

On Friday, May 31st at 4 pm to Saturday,June 1st at 3 pm there will be a building wide steam outage for the East McDonnell Facility for construction on the 3rd floor. In this time there will be no steam to the building and will affect heating hot water, domestic hot water, autoclave, humidification, cage […]

Clinical Sciences Research Building-Electric Service Interruption 6/22/2024

On Saturday, June 22nd 6 am – 2 pm Due to the declining condition of the transformer that serves emergency receptacle panels on floors 6, 7, and 8 of CSRB it has to be replaced. Power to these panels will be interrupted for approximately an hour and a half to temporarily them while the work […]

Wohl Clinic-Electric Service Interruption 6/1/2024

Due to the replacement of the old transfer switch with the new one, power to the emergency panel’s will be interrupted on Saturday, June 1st 6-10 am. Affected during this outage will be receptacles, some lighting, and some mechanical equipment, such as exhaust fans and AHU on emergency power thru floors 6, 7, 8, 9, […]