REVISED-Clinical Sciences Research Building, McDonnell Pediatric Research Building, CSRB North Tower Addition, Wohl Hospital, Wohl Clinic, Renard Hospital, Barnard Hospital-10/22/2021

In order to return campus utilities supplied from the CSRB substation back to normal, Facilities will be performing switching operations on Friday, October 22nd 6-7 am. This work is in response to last weeks unplanned outage from Ameren and is necessary to return the campus to its normal redundant power setup. We do not anticipate […]

South Medical Building-Electric Service Interruption 10/20/2021

On Wednesday, October 20th 6-7 am there will be electrical working being preformed in the South Medical building. The outage will only effect a few outlets on the 2nd floor and an IT closet on the first floor. All remaining power will stay on to the building.

Environmental Health & Safety-Domestic Hot Water 10/18/2021-10/22/2021

On Monday, October 18 at 2pm we had a failure on our hot water heat exchanger at the Environmental Health & Safety building. This effects all the buildings domestic hot water to restrooms, sinks, and showers. We are currently working on the issue. Thank you for your patience.

REVISED-Mid Campus Center, Northwest Tower-Elevator Service Interruption 10/27/2021

Elevators in these buildings [Northwest Elevators will not be tested] will be will be tested on standby power on Wednesday October 27 and Thursday October 28. While testing the elevators on emergency power, they will not be on service: On October 27 6:00 AM to 7:00 AMNo 131 MCC ServiceNo 132 MCC Passenger (East)No 133 […]

Mid Campus Center-Elevator Service Interruption 10/25/2021-10/29/2021

Each Elevator in this building will be out of service for 2 to 4 hours any day between Monday October 25 and Friday October 29 at anytime between 7:30 am and 3:30 pm to conduct 5-year inspections as required by the Elevator Safety Unit of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The elevators will be […]

Mid Campus Center-Elevator Service Interruption 10/25/2021

Elevators in this building will be out of service for 1 to 2 hours on Monday October 25 any time between 4 and 10 pm to conduct a 5-year fire service recall testing as required by the Elevator Safety Unit of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The elevators will be selected on a priority […]

Updated-Clinical Sciences Research Building-Electric Service Interruption 10/31/2021

This outage on Sunday, October 31st 7-11am is the second of three outages necessary to perform routine maintenance and testing of the main electrical switch gear, serving CSRB. This outage is mainly on 480/277V equipment and lighting power and should not affect normal receptacle power in the lab spaces. However, any emergency lighting and equipment […]