Wohl Clinic-Elevator Service Interruption 6/11/2024

on Tuesday, June 11th 7 am – 3:30 pm Elevator #15 will be taken out of service to allow contractor to replace flooring in the elevator cab. The elevator will be returned to service as soon as the work is complete.

McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 6/15/2024

On Saturday, June 15th 6 am – 6 pm facilities will be making improvements to the HVAC systems serving supply air to the laboratories throughout the building. During the outage occupants of the labs can expect to experience reduced supply air flow, a change in HVAC noise levels , and a possible rise in space […]

4488 Forest Park-Domestic Cold Water Service Interruption 6/9/2024

On Sunday, June 9th 6 am – 2 pm contractors are connecting a new water line for irrigation. During this outage there will be no water available in the building. There will be no hot or cold water in any of the break areas or restrooms.

McDonnell Medical Sciences Building-Elevator Service Interruption 6/10/2024

On Monday, June 10th 5-6 am in support of the 9th Floor renovation project, contractors need to temporarily refeed power to the elevator cab lighting. Each elevator will be briefly taken out of service, one at a time, while contractors rework the power to the cab lights. Each cab will be returned to service as […]