McDonnell Medical Sciences Building-Steam Service Interruption 4/2/2024

On Tuesday, April 2nd 3-8 am Facilities will turn off the steam that serves all floors in the North half of the building to make necessary repairs to the system. The entire north half of the building will not have steam available during this time. This outage will affect autoclaves, and building temperatures.

1234 S. Kingshighway-Fire Alarm Service Interruption 4/16/2024

On Tuesday, April 16th 7-8 am Contractors and Facilities Technicians will be performing annual testing of the fire alarm Audio/Visual system at 1234 S. Kingshighway. During this test you will hear messages and see strobes throughout the building. Occupants do not need to leave the building during this test.

Couch Biomedical Research Building-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 4/6/2024

On Saturday, April 6th 5:30-10 am In order to accommodate the addition of HVAC units on the second-floor lab space renovation project in the east end of the building. Air Handling units 3 and 4 will be shutdown thus affecting supply airflow to all floors on the east side of the building. During this time […]

Jeffrey T. Fort Neuroscience Research Building-Air Handling Unit 3/29/2024

On Friday, March 29th 3-7 am. Due to the construction fit out project on the west end of the 10th floor there will be limited air flow and slight temperature changes throughout the whole 10th floor. We do not foresee major temperature changes in the holding rooms. Thank you for your patience while we finish […]

Renard Hospital-Electric Service Interruption 4/13/2024

On Saturday, April 13th 5 am – 1 pm National Electric Co. will be replacing the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) for the Emergency power in the bldg. The outage will affect all the emergency power and lighting, some fire alarm components, air handlers and Elevators. However normal power (Receptacles, lighting) will not be affected.

McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-Air Handling Unit Service Interruption 3/27/2024

On Wednesday, March 27th 5-8 am Facilities will turn off the air handler serving the pedestrian link and administration offices for the south section of the building for maintenance. The pedestrian link along with the administration offices located on floors 3 through 11 will experience loss of airflow and cooler-than-normal temperatures during time.

CSRB North Tower Addition-431/441 ABSL3 Suite Service Interruption 4/2/2024

On Tuesday, April 2nd 6 am – 6 pm Johnson Controls will be replacing the network control engine that serves 431/441 ABSL3 suite. NO work may occur in the 431/441 ABSL3 suite during this outage. Other ABSL3 suites in the 4th floor biohazard area will be available during this outage.

CSRB North Tower Addition-Exhaust Fan Service Interruption 3/21/2024

On Thursday, March 21st 4-6 am to perform preventative maintenance task on the HVAC systems serving the 4th and 5th floor facilities technicians will be shutting down supply and exhaust fans serving the areas. During this time occupants of the non BSL3 labs on the 4th floor and the 5th floor may experience a reduction […]