The School of Medicine Farmers Market returns April 7th

The Office of Sustainability, Operations & Facilities Management Department, and Human Resources are excited to announce the return of The School of Medicine farmers market! The market will be held year-round, rain or shine, EVERY Thursday starting April 7th from 10:00am – 2:00pm. Due to construction in Hope Plaza, the market will take place outdoors […]

Wohl Clinic, Barnard Hospital

Vacuum Service Interruption 4/8/2022 In order to support renovations, there will be no lab vacuum available on Friday, April 8th 1 am – 7 am.

Bernard Becker Medical Library-Electric Service Interruption 3/20/2022

On March 20 7 am-11 am this outage will affect all power throughout Becker Library. Any lighting, receptacles or equipment connected to normal power, will be off for the duration of this outage. However, the generator will run and provide power to a limited number of lights and equipment that are connected to the generator […]

Bernard Becker Medical Library-Air Handling Unit 10/9/2021

On Saturday, October 9th from 6am to 6pm Air handling unit 2 will be down for upgrades and controls replacement. During this time the Atrium and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors will have minimum to no cooling/heating and airflow.

Parking cancellations

For parking cancellations to take effect in the current month, they would need to be received by the third of the month. Requests after the third would be processed in the subsequent month. Please fill these out carefully. Cancellations cannot be processed without a completed cancellation form, and all outstanding permits and access cards returned […]

Crane Lift at 4444 on July 10th

A half-day crane lift will take place at 4444 Forest Park on the morning of July 10th beginning at 6am. This is to hoist mechanical equipment to the eastern side of the building roof. The crane will need to be set up in the accessible parking spaces on the south side of the building to […]