Parking cancellations

For parking cancellations to take effect in the current month, they would need to be received by the third of the month. Requests after the third would be processed in the subsequent month. Please fill these out carefully. Cancellations cannot be processed without a completed cancellation form, and all outstanding permits and access cards returned […]

Crane Lift at 4444 on July 10th

A half-day crane lift will take place at 4444 Forest Park on the morning of July 10th beginning at 6am. This is to hoist mechanical equipment to the eastern side of the building roof. The crane will need to be set up in the accessible parking spaces on the south side of the building to […]

Reminder – Newstead Avenue Street Improvements Project Continues – Newstead Avenue re-paving, and street widening punch list work

L. Keeley Construction continues to work on the Newstead Ave. Street Improvement Project. Newstead Ave. Re-Paving – Now Scheduled for the Week of April 26, 2021 on nights. Please see the diagram of the construction area for the Newstead Re-Paving. Re-paving of Newstead Ave. has been delayed one (1) week due to utility work being […]

Lift work on south side of Clayton Avenue starts April 27, 2021

Starting Tuesday, April 27 at 4pm, workers will be using a lift on Clayton Avenue for exterior caulking on CID. The lift will be up against the curb on the south side of Clayton Avenue. Cones and caution tape will be used to block off the appropriate area surrounding the lift and the south sidewalk […]

McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-EDS Service Interruption 4/6/2021-4/12/2021

The effluent decontamination system (EDS) serving the MPRB 7230 BSL3 suite and 8201C-BSL3 lab will be out of service from April 6th 7am through April 12th 5pm to accommodate the annual preventative maintenance and calibration of this system. Research work may continue in the 7230 BSL3 suite and 8201C-BSL3 lab during this outage.

McKinley Avenue sidewalk repairs to start on Monday, April 5, 2021

Repairs on the damaged sidewalk along McKinley Avenue will begin on April 5th. There will not be access to public parking on the southwest corner of McKinley and Euclid for the month of April. Please see the photo for a detailed timeline. If there are any questions, please contact Engineering Project Manager, Antwoine Feaman.

West Building-Exhaust Fan Service Interruption 3/31/2021-4/2/2021

The exhaust fans serving the general exhaust and fume hoods for all of West Building are currently down and out of service. Facilities technicians are working to repair the fans and return them to normal service as quickly as possible. No work should take place in any fume hoods until this issue is resolved.

Steven & Susan Lipstein BJC Institute of Health-Electric Service Interruption 3/11/2021

An adjustment needs to be made to the electrical system that serves the building exhaust systems. The adjustment may result in a momentary power disruption that affects the building exhaust systems including the vivarium exhaust airflow. No work may take place in the B120 ABSL3 suite during this outage on March 11 4-6am.