Facilities Operations Update

Couch Building exterior wall repairs

Tomorrow (Thursday, May 13th) from 7am to 4pm, work is planned for the repair of certain portions the stone exterior along the south elevation of the Couch Biomedical Research Building. Recent rains revealed a leak, and repair is needed.

Closures – During the repair of the south elevation of the building, all seventeen (17) on-street parking spaces, along the north curb of McKinley Ave. the width of the Couch Building, will be closed to parking from 7am to 4pm to allow for a JLG lift to sit on the street and move laterally accessing all areas needed for the repairs.

Unfortunately, due to intermittent rains lately, the work could only be scheduled on short notice, as the stone is required to be dry for five (5) days prior to application of the repairs. As you are aware, this is the first time in weeks we have had five days with no rain, thus, our apologies for the short notice.

If there are any questions, please contract Lauren Leonard, Senior Project Manager.