Grant Medical Building-Electrical Service Interruption 8/22/2021-8/23/2021

At approximately 9:15 am on Sunday, August 22nd WUSM Security discovered two light poles have fallen over in the Grant Medical Building parking lot. For safety, security has blocked off the area where the light poles have fallen over. Ameren Electric and Facilities Engineering has been contacted to address the issue. At this time we ask to do not enter these areas until an updated outage has been sent out.

Ameren has disconnected power to the light poles, but parking will be limited until the light poles can be removed from the parking lot. Facilities Engineering is in the process of having the light poles replaced and we ask to do not enter or park in the blocked off area. An updated outage will be sent out when parking can resume as normal.

The light poles have been removed from the parking lot and parking can resume as normal.