OFMD Update

Revised – sidewalk replacements on Clayton and Taylor Avenues

We have made some changes to the work on the sidewalks on Clayton and Taylor Avenues. Today, we start on section #4 (Clayton Garage / Alley north sidewalk) and the one side of the drive lane (south entry) into the parking area of section #2. Please note, we will place signage to redirect foot traffic through the garage to the east exit to avoid the construction zone from today until October 7th.

On Saturday, October 9th and Monday, October 11th, we will demolish the remainder of concrete in section #2 (west section in front of the CID).

From October 12th until October 14th, we will pour and backfill section 2 in front of CID. From October 18 until October 22, we will demolish and pour back section 3 and the last section of drive lane in section #2.

For any questions, please contact Engineering Project Manager, Antwoine Feaman.