Biotechnology Center, East Building, East Imaging Center-Electric Service Interruption 3/13/2022 7:00am-11:00am

This outage will affect the 4160V ‘W’ Utility Feed to BTC, East Building, and East Imaging. These buildings will be switched to one 4160V Utility (‘D’ Feed) for the duration of this outage. The switching will be done so that there are no power interruptions or blips in BTC, East or East Imaging. Once the outage is complete, these buildings will be returned to the normal two 4160V utility set up. Again, the switching will be done so that there are no power interruptions, while returning to normal operation. The purpose of this outage is to perform maintenance and testing on the main electrical switchgear that distributes 208/120V power throughout BTC. We will also be performing maintenance on some of the 4160V distribution equipment that is in line with BTC, EAS, & EIR. This requires de-energizing the necessary switchgear so that we can safely and effectively perform the required work. This work will ensure that our main electrical systems will continue to provide safe and reliable power.