Facilities Operations Update

BJC Institute of Health Vertical Expansion – Northwest fire egress stair – change of condition

Today (February 28) Alberici Healthcare, LLC will complete the temporary construction jobsite fence around Hope Plaza, closing the area to jobsite use as part of the BJC Institute of Health (BJC IOH) Vertical Expansion Project.

Due to the installation of the construction jobsite fence around the building, we will create a Change of Condition concerning the northwest (NW) stair egress door from the BJCIH building at grade.

The addition of this fence will cause two (2) minor changes of condition to exiting at the NW stair egress door:

  1. Non-Emergency exiting from the NW stair egress exit will be shut down for the duration of construction. Only emergency exiting out the stair will be allowed.
    1. Upon emergency exit out of the NW stair exit door, occupants will be directed via cones and signage through the jobsite to the previously established EAP 110. Under Emergency exiting of occupants from BJCIH or any of the surrounding buildings, all construction on the jobsite will cease.

To summarize, non-emergency exiting from the NW stair egress exit door will be shutdown for the duration of the project, and emergency exiting from this door is unchanged.
The Hope Plaza closure is expected to remain in place through December 2024.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Lauren Leonard, WUSM Project Manager.