Facilities Operations Update

Work on Metro bus stop along Barnes Jewish Plaza – sidewalk from Plaza garage to close

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

Starting Friday, April 15, work will begin along Barnes Jewish Plaza to create a Metro bus stop drop off lane on the south (Hudlin Park) side of the street. The work will be contained within the park and is expected to have little impact on traffic. The work will take 3-4 months. Impacts include the following:
• Busses that normally stop at this location will now stop on Euclid, just south of Barnes Jewish Plaza (see map).
• The sidewalk on the south side of Barnes-Jewish Plaza between the Plaza garage entrance and the bus stop work will close.
• During this work, the retaining wall at the entrance to the Plaza garage will be demolished and replaced. For the safety of pedestrians, the sidewalk along the drive lane into the garage will close.
• Signage will direct pedestrians to the bridge over Barnes Jewish Plaza or to Euclid.
• The Metro bus stop on the north side of Barnes Jewish Plaza is not affected.
Questions can be directed to Justin Breig, BJC project manager, at 314-323-2317 or Justin.Breig@bjc.org.