Facilities Operations Update

BJCIH Vertical Expansion exterior stone sawcutting starts today (June 13, 2022) and will create noise for the next 3-5 days

Starting today (June 13, 2022), Alberici Healthcare, LLC will begin taking steps to remove the existing stone prefabricated panels from the NW corner of the BJC Institute of Health (BJC IOH) building.

The removal of the stone panels is needed to install a new elevator tower to support the new floors.
The first step in the stone panel removal is to place a finish saw cut on the face of the stone prefabricated panels to free the panels to be removed, from the panels that remain on the building. The sawcutting is expected to last three (3) to five (5) days.

Please expect a fair amount of noise and disruption from this work operation, specifically in areas and buildings directly adjacent to the NW corner of the BJC Institute of Health (BJC IOH) building.

If your work on campus takes you in or around the BJC IOH building and Hope Plaza, please anticipate shutdowns, disruptions and inconveniences associated with the construction of this project.

Your patience and cooperation, while we work to improve campus is sincerely appreciated.
Please direct any questions or concerns to Lauren Leonard, WUSM Project Manager at or call 314-362-1951.