Facilities Operations Update

Clayton garage elevator update

One of the elevators in the Clayton Garage has been out of service recently. The encoder for this elevator has failed and there is a 16-week lead time to get the new one. We asked our elevator contractor to run a utilization rate for the elevators and found the two elevators on the south end of the garage have a much lower utilization rate than those on the north end.

Therefore, we asked the contractor to remove the encoder from one of the elevators on the south end and replace it with the one on the north end.
We now have both elevators on the north side operating and one on the south working until the new encoder arrives (estimated in October).

Also, we have the complete replacement of two of the Clayton garage elevators scheduled for FY25 and the replacement of the two other ones in the garage scheduled for FY26.

Again, we apologize for the service issues in the elevators and appreciate your patience.