McDonnell Pediatric Research Building, CSRB North Tower Addition, Clinical Sciences Research Building, Wohl Clinic, Wohl Hospital, Barnard Hospital, Renard Hospital-Electric Service Interruption 4/19-21/2023

Facilities Electricians will need to perform switching in the CSR-Substation, which provides power to the above listed buildings. This is to support Ameren de-energizing their equipment for maintenance work. During April 19 6 am – April 21 1 pm, the CSRB Substation will be single lined to one utility, instead of the normal two utilities. We do not anticipate any power interruptions, or blips due to this work. Switching will be scheduled as follows:

  • April 19th, 6am to 7am – Switch to ‘W’ Feed Only
  • April 20th, 6am to 7am – Switch to ‘D’ Feed Only
  • April 21st, 6am to 7am – Switch to ‘W’ Feed Only
  • April 21st, 12pm to 1pm – Switch to Back to Normal

As a precautionary measure, no work may occur in the NTA 4th floor ABSL3 suites or MPRB BSL3 suites (7230, 7301, 7303, 8201) during this outage.