Facilities Operations Update

Campus Renewal Updates – building a 16-foot concrete tower

Sent on behalf of Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

As you’ve driven past the 16-story patient care tower under construction at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, or watched the webcams, you may have seen concrete trucks – lots of them – on any given day. Have you ever wondered how the concrete gets from the trucks on the street up into the building or the purpose of the hundreds of yellow metal beams that appear to be holding up each level of the building? Learn from the workers each of the steps it takes to construct the concrete tower that will open in a little over two years.
Concrete pour fun facts:

  • One concrete mixer truck holds about 10 cubic yards of concrete.
  • A typical deck pour on the patient care tower is 400 cubic yards.
  • The team sets up the pump around 3 a.m., and the first truck typically arrives around 4 a.m.
  • The 400 cubic yard pour usually wraps up around noon.
  • The May 17 deck that was poured was level 4 of the tower, which is a mechanical floor for the tower.
    The Campus Renewal webcams offer a glimpse of the 16-story patient care tower under construction. A fourth webcam was added earlier this year to capture construction of the Plaza Entry component of Campus Renewal. This month, the Plaza Entry webcam began offering multiple views of the project, rotating every 15 minutes to show work on the drop off and valet entrance, the garage lobbies and eventual new bridge over Barnes-Jewish Plaza, and tennis courts in Hudlin Park.