Renard Hospital, Barnard Hospital-Electric Services Interruption 10/1/2023

The purpose of this outage is to perform maintenance and testing on the main electrical switchgear on the 4th Floor Roof of Wohl Hospital, which serves the A/C equipment for the Cyclotron area. On Sunday, October 1st 7-11 am Facilities electricians will perform switching and de-energize the necessary switchgear so they can safely and effectively perform the required work. This work will ensure that the main electrical systems will continue to provide safe and reliable power.

This outage will mainly affect Barnard, the Cyclotron area, and Renard. The cyclotron area will have no A/C during the outage, and Renard will see partial loss of lighting and Receptacle power throughout the Building. Barnard will be single lined to one utility power source for the duration of the outage. Once all work is completed, facilities electricians will restore power and make sure all systems are returned to normal operation.