Clinical Sciences Research Building, McDonnell Pediatric Research Building-Electric Service Interruption 12/10/2023

The purpose of this outage is to perform maintenance and testing on the 4160V switchgear that distributes power to the CSRB Chillers. This is the 2nd of two outages to do this work. Facilities electricians will perform switching to isolate and de-energize the ‘W’ Feed portion of the switchgear. When all work is complete the ‘W’ Feed power will be restored to normal operation. This work will ensure that the main electrical systems will continue to provide safe and reliable power.

Building/Areas affected:
This outage will directly affect CSRB Chiller #3 & #4. Both of these chillers will be down for the duration of the outage. Chiller #1 & #2 will still be available to run if needed. Also, PEDs will be required to be single lined to the ‘D’ feed only, since it shares the same ‘W’ feeder breaker at the CSR Substation. However, PEDs should not see any blips or loss of power during this outage. As a precautionary measure, no work may occur in the MPRB BSL3 suites during this outage.