Facilities Operations Update

North Building roof replacement

From November 20th to December 18th, contractors will work Monday to Friday from 6 am to 2:30 pm. During this time, the south sidewalk heading west beyond Olin Residence Hall, the east Farrell Learning & Teaching Center (FLTC) entrance, and the FLTC ADA entrance will be closed due to a crane operating on the east end of Scott Avenue.

The north sidewalk will remain open for pedestrian traffic but will be monitored and controlled by the contractor for pedestrian safety when dumping project debris. No hoisting will take place above the north sidewalk at any time. The contractor will have another flagger posted in the Euclid Power Plant lot to control foot traffic heading east from S. Euclid to Taylor Ave. The contractor will direct pedestrians via the approved path at all times throughout the project.

Three bays will remain open at the McDonnell Medical Science Building (MMSB) for trash removal and deliveries. The westernmost bay will be closed throughout the project. No lifting will occur when delivery/trash trucks access the MMSB dock area. There will not be any parking along the north side of Scott Avenue and on the north side of the street in front of Olin Residence Hall.

We will remove the bollards on S. Euclid Avenue to accommodate ADA parking along FLTC and OFMD-approved vehicles only. Contractors are not approved to park in the Euclid Power Plant Lot. All unauthorized parkers will be subject to penalties. This work is weather-dependent.

For any questions, please contact Antwoine Feaman, Engineering Project Manager.