North Medical Building-Electric Service Interruption 5/12/2024 7-11 am

The purpose of this outage is to perform maintenance and testing on the ‘W’ feed portion of the Courtyard Substation switchgear. Facilities electricians will perform switching in all affected buildings, to isolate and de-energize the ‘W’ feed. Facilities electricians and Service Contractors will inspect and test the breakers, relays, and major components of the de-energized portion of the switchgear. Once all inspections and testing are complete, facilities electricians will restore power in all affected buildings to normal operation.

Building/Areas affected:
The following list shows what buildings, and how they are affected by this outage:

  • North Building (All normal lighting, and receptacle power will be off for the duration of the outage.)
  • Lighting and equipment connected to emergency power in this building will remain unaffected by this outage.