Facilities Integrated Service Center

The Facilities Integrated Service Center (FISC) offers a variety of business services, including new employee badges, parking and Metro cards (U-Passes).

The FISC is a one-stop place to go for any facilities-related needs, such as:

  • badging
  • parking
  • custodial requests
  • engineering services
  • grounds requests
  • utilities

The FISC also services as the desk operation for the Olin Residence Hall. The back office includes all OFMD business support functions.

Location: Lobby on the first floor of Olin Residence Hall (4550 Scott Avenue) – View map

Phone Number: 314-362-3100

Email Address: wusmfacilities@wusm.wustl.edu

Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7 AM to 7 PM and Sundays, 1 PM to 7 PM (after hour calls will be routed to our computer room and support is provided on a seven-day per week, 24-hour basis)

Please view the FISC Flyer and the FISC FAQ Sheet.     


Poster Display Request – Please view the Poster Rail Guidelines and the Poster Locations Map. For more information, please contact the Farrell Learning and Teaching Center front desk at 314-747-3285 or email normanke@wusm.wustl.edu.

Public Space Reservations – All public space reservations can be accessed through myreservations.wusm.wustl.edu.

Lobby Guidelines – If you require tables, chairs, custodial services, security information, electrical questions and/or any Facilities questions, please contact the FISC (Facilities Integrated Service Center) at 314-362-3100 or email at WUSMFacilities@wusm.wustl.edu.

For any Plaza/Link/Lobby Event Policies –

  • Events must be sponsored by a Washington University department.
  • Attendance is limited to 125 persons at any given time or 80 persons at seated tables.
  • Posting of signs on the walls is not permitted.
  • Fire exits must remain accessible at all times.
  • Clear the area within 4 hours following the event.
  • WUSM is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Be respectful of the tenants in the building.
  • Do not block doorways and hallways.
  • Keep noise to a minimum and avoid intruding.
  • Departments are responsible for providing an event assistant or planner to meet caterers, arrange set ups and for access, etc.
  • We recommend set ups that include catering that are set up prior to event be monitored by event assistant/planner to insure items are not taken.
  • WUSM reserves the right to close down events that do not observe the above listed policies.

How do I submit a work order request?

To submit a work request, please visit ServiceNow (our online work order system).

How do I request a new badge?

Please view the Service Now Badge Request User Guide for more information about how to request badges for new and existing employees, faculty, students, etc.