Postponed-The Central West End MetroLink Station closure

Due to the weather forcast for Sunday, the project to apply a surface coating to the Central West End MetroLink station has been postponed. It has not been rescheduled at this time. Due to this project, the Central West End MetroLink Station will be closed Saturday, October 23 and Sunday, October 24. For more information […]

Duncan Taylor Garage renovations resume and closes the south stairwell

Renovations resumed to the south stairwell in the Duncan Taylor Garage. During this time, the south stairwell will not be available for use. The north stairwell and all elevators are available for use. Barnes-Jewish Hospital is anticipating the construction will be completed by the end of December. For any questions, please contact Director of Facilities […]

Clayton & Taylor Avenue sidewalks update

Tuesday, October 19th through October 22nd, workers will demolish the sidewalks and section 3 in the diagram, the west drive lane and the sidewalk at Barnes Lodge will be poured back. For any questions, please contact Engineering Project Manager, Antwoine Feaman.

REVISED-Clinical Sciences Research Building, McDonnell Pediatric Research Building, CSRB North Tower Addition, Wohl Hospital, Wohl Clinic, Renard Hospital, Barnard Hospital-10/22/2021

In order to return campus utilities supplied from the CSRB substation back to normal, Facilities will be performing switching operations on Friday, October 22nd 6-7 am. This work is in response to last weeks unplanned outage from Ameren and is necessary to return the campus to its normal redundant power setup. We do not anticipate […]

South Medical Building-Electric Service Interruption 10/20/2021

On Wednesday, October 20th 6-7 am there will be electrical working being preformed in the South Medical building. The outage will only effect a few outlets on the 2nd floor and an IT closet on the first floor. All remaining power will stay on to the building.

Environmental Health & Safety-Domestic Hot Water 10/18/2021-10/22/2021

On Monday, October 18 at 2pm we had a failure on our hot water heat exchanger at the Environmental Health & Safety building. This effects all the buildings domestic hot water to restrooms, sinks, and showers. We are currently working on the issue. Thank you for your patience.