The Operations & Facilities Management Department (OFMD) has developed and implemented a project delivery process to serve as a roadmap for successful cost, schedule and quality performance on projects. Processes have been documented and supporting tools created to:

  • Enable the Operations & Facilities Management Department to provide high quality service to its customers, stakeholders and the University.
  • Provide a balanced, systematic approach to planning and delivering construction/renovation projects.
  • Incorporate planning/project management best practices.
Project Delivery Manual

OFMD Project Delivery Manual
OFMD Project Delivery Manual – In-House Renovation & Fabrication Team

Generic Templates & Forms

Agenda – Generic
Customer Transition Meeting Agenda

Project Delivery Documentation Change Form
Meeting Minutes Template
Orientation Agenda
Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda
Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda
Pre-Submittal Agenda
Project Kick-Off Agenda
Project Manager – Job Description
Project Manager (Planner) – Job Description
Project Signage Request Form
Shared Infrastructure – Network Engineering
Transmittal Form

Instructions & Guidelines

A-E Fee Schedule Guidelines
Badge ID Guidelines
Basis of Design for Renovation and New Construction Guidelines
Core and Key Process for New Construction and Renovations
Custodial Process for Renovations and New Construction
EHS Pre Construction Guidelines
E-Mail Etiquette Guidelines
Emergency Power Guidelines
Estimate Letter Guidelines
Lab Closure Guidelines
Phone Data Activation Guidelines
Project Emergency Call List Guidelines
Project Delivery Manual & Documents Guidelines
Project Management Fees Guidelines
Project Survey Guidelines
Records Management Guidelines
Safety Guidelines for Contractors
Sole Source Guidelines
Surplus Furniture Guidelines
Utility Account Transfer Guidelines
Welcome Packet Guidelines

Reference Documents

Academic Campus Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installation Monitoring
A/E Fee Form
A/V Vendor List
Contingency Process Flow
Continuing Services Project Agreement
Contracts Checklist
Cost Tracking Invoice Template
Definition of Scope Creep Change
Facilities Project Planning Request Checklist
General Conditions for Contracts
Hot Work Quick List
WUSM Hotwork SOPs
ICRA Bleach Protocol
Infection Control Risk Assessment (BJC)
Infection Control Risk Assessment (WUSM)
Insurance Limits for Architects & Engineers
Insurance Limits for Contractors
Low Voltage Contractor List
Master Contractor List
Operational Contract Project Management
Pre-Bid Meeting Agenda
Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda
Project & Sole Source Approval Levels
Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect
Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager
Used Lamp Disposal Policy
Wage Rate Sheet
WUSM Payment Authorization Levels

OFMD Planned, Limited Notice & Emergency Notifications

Contractor Request For Shutdown or Street Closure Form
Planned, Limited Notice & Emergency Notification Guidelines

Project Delivery Documents

Step 1 – Needs Development

Design Standards – Variance Form

Business Operations
Project Creation

Step 2 – Scope Development

Conceptual Project Schedule Tool
EHS Pre-Construction Checklist
Estimate Letter Template
Example Project Schedule Tool
Facilities Project Planning Request Checklist
Limited Scope Agreement
Planning Program of Requirements (PPOR)
Preliminary Estimate Form
Project Manager Program of Requirements (PMPOR)
Resolution Form – Long
Resolution Form  – Short

Business Operations
Project Approval Process

Step 3 – Selection of Design Team

Architects & Engineers for Project Selection – Danforth and WUSM
A/E Fee Form
Contracts Checklist
Exhibit A – Proposal Fee Rider for Architectural Engineering Services
Interview Score Sheet
Recommendation Memo Form
RFP Architectural Evaluation Matrix
RFP Architectural Template

Business Operations
Contracts Procedures

Step 4 – Design Phase

Direct Pay to MWBE Form
Drawing Review Checklist
Equipment Schedule Form
Laboratory Equipment Schedule Form
Laboratory Equipment Monitoring Guidelines
Project Reporting for Capital Projects  (over $2M)
Project Reporting for Capital Projects (under $2M)
Project Reporting (Contractor)
SDI Utilization Form
Site Logistics Checklist

Step 5 – Selection of Contractor

Contracts PO
CM RFP Evaluation Matrix
Design & Construction Standards
Design Build RFP
Formal Invitation to Bid (ITB)
General Conditions Matrix
Instruction to Bidders
Short Form Bidder’s Proposal
Short Form Instruction to Bidders
Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor – Stipulated Sum
Short Form Construction Agreement
Sole Source Justification Form

Business Operations
OFMD Project Delivery Manual
Sole Source Justification Form

Step 6 – Construction Phase

Application and Certification for Payment
Badge Request Form
Certificate of Substantial Completion
Construction Disruption Signage
Department Request for Change to Project
Infection Control Risk Assessment (BJC)
Infection Control Risk Assessment (WUSM)
Monthly Financial Forecast
Owner Provided Services Responsibility Matrix
PCO Reason & Terms Form
Pre-Construction Meeting Agenda
Project Safety Checklist
Project Schedule Template

Business Operations
Change Orders
Progress Payments

Step 7 – Transition, Activation and Closeout

Close Out Checklist
Customer Survey Form
Construction Contractor Evaluation
Equipment Schedule Form
Lab Closure Checklist
Laboratory Equipment Schedule Form
Move Checklist
Move Intake Form
Move Planning Checklist and Meeting Outline
Move Planning Schedule
Professional Services Evaluation
Project Occupancy & Project Closure Notification Form
Returned Space Checklist
Space Utilization Form

Business Operations
Project Closeout

Training Presentations & Flowcharts

Project Delivery Process Flows
PD Presentation – OverviewPD Presentation – Steps 1 & 2
PD Presentation – Steps 3 & 4
PD Presentation – Step 5
PD Presentation – Step 6
PD Presentation – Step 7
PD Business Operations – Overview
PD Business Operations – Detail

Audit Training Presentation